David hanging a large mobile

About the Artist


"Born in 1952, David Christie grew up primarily in California's Mojave Desert. He studied pure mathematics at MIT, particularly mathematical logic and foundations, a background which is reflected in many of his forms..." It's all "old hat" for me, but if you're interested in that sort of thing, click here.

Artist's Statement

"Ceilings are great! When we look up, we have automatically opened ourselves, searching for something other than ordinary life. My job as an artist is to find this other world, locate desirable pathways into it, and construct objects which lead the viewer in these directions." For more yada yada, click here.

The Studio

"This is where the cutting, folding, bending, texturing, hanging and balancing takes place -- a process which begins with simple metal sheet and rod, a purely structural industrial material, and gives it life, transforming it into something which can inspire wonder."  If you want to see what a real artist's studio looks like, don't click here.

Shows and Exhibitions

To see a list of major solo and group installations and shows since 1990, with links to a few recent shows on this web site, click here.

Contact the artist

To contact the artist by IM, email or mail (!), click here.

Photo credit: Beverly Korenwasser