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David's Bio

Born in 1952, David Christie grew up primarily in California's Mojave Desert. He studied pure mathematics at MIT, particularly mathematical logic and foundations, a background which is reflected in many of his forms. He worked in the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at MIT, and developed pioneering applications in computer-aided instruction at MIT’s Education Research Center.

His eclectic pursuits since that time include work as a mathematics curriculum developer, a software engineer on the Space Shuttle project, a puppet operator in the North American Bunraku Theatre, an electronic publishing manager, and since 1980, an independent software developer.

Since 1988, David has worked as a metal sculptor, primarily working with mobiles and stabiles in the tradition of Alexander Calder. He is a member of the Grass Valley Graphics Group, and he works with them in the spirit of the School of Reductionism.

David's preferred materials are aluminum, steel, brass and copper sheet; steel, aluminum and bronze rod; and latex and acrylic paints. From these industrial materials, using simple construction techniques and delicate airbrush work, he fabricates elegant sculptural forms ranging from the miniature to monumental in scale. His work is noted both for its elegance of design, and its whimsical nature.

David studio is currently in a large garage on his property in Grass Valley.  Click here to take a quick tour of the studio..

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