Fan Cactus

Fan Cactus

Some years ago, when I was poring through a metal salvage yard, I found this wonderful material -- an aluminum sheet with a delicate green anodized coating. It looks great textured or folded, without any additional treatment. From this material has come this series of work, and many predecessors already in private collections. I think of these as primarily desert dwellers (or is it dessert dwellers), hence the name "Floating Desert".

This sculpture is a simple geometric study of volumes, balance and motion, made entirely from raw metal sheet. I have constructed a number of the "Floating Desert of Planet Kling Klang" mobiles from this usual material – aluminum sheet with a pale green anodized surface. The effect is soft combination of dull surface sheen and bright reflections.

Folded, anodized aluminum sheet; folded brass sheet; bronze rod.

44"h x 18"w (111cm x 45cm)

** SOLD **

Other images:

Same image at larger resolution

Close-up of brass helix at bottom

Close-up of top

Cafe Mekka installation