Helicopter Trees #3

Helicopter Trees #3

Some years ago, when I was poring through a metal salvage yard, I found this wonderful material -- an aluminum sheet with a delicate green anodized coating. It looks great textured or folded, without any additional treatment. From this material has come this series of work, and many predecessors already in private collections. I think of these as primarily desert dwellers (or is it dessert dwellers), hence the name "Floating Desert".

This mobile is constructed from anodized aluminum disks, with a slightly greenish cast, hand-textured, on a bronze rod skeleton. The trunks are made from brass and steel machine shop "chip", a fun "found material".

Because of the raw metal, this sculpture likes well-lit spaces. The photograph shows the sculpture hung in an alcove about eight feet above the floor at the Cafe Mekka installation. In this setting, the undersides of the disks catch light from the entrance and glow.

Textured, anodized aluminum sheet; bronze rod; machine shop chip

48"h x 36"w (121cm x 91cm)

** SOLD **

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