This large mobile was originally constructed for the installation at the 2001 Winton Marsalis concert in Grass Valley. In it you may see the musical elements of rhythm – pulsing, driving the music – of melody – voices riding on that rhythm – and of Nothing – the space between notes.

It has subsequently been reworked slightly to fit in lower ceiling spaces -- still, this is a large sculpture which needs at least a 12' ceiling to breathe. High ceilings, anyone?

Airbrushed, textured aluminum sheet; metal rod and wire

66"h x 120"w (167cm x 304cm)


Other images:

Same image at larger resolution

Same image, double resolution

Hung at Sacramento Interior Design show

Installation at Rood Center, Nevada

Artist hanging mobile at Rood Center

Artist hanging mobile at Rood Center

A studio image

Cafe Mekka installation

Closeup of "beat"

Closeup of "notes"