The Mobile Studio

The studio building From the outside, a humble two car garage. Well, with that blue, maybe not so humble... But on the inside:
The metal-working area

The metal working area. This is where the cutting, folding, bending, texturing, hanging and balancing takes place -- a process which begins with simple metal sheet and rod, a purely structural industrial material, and gives it life, transforming it into something which can inspire wonder. In spite of the sander in the foreground, most of the work is done with simple hand tools -- nothing you can't find in a hardware store.

The painting area

Once the metal work is done, it's painting time. Any painted surfaces are etched, primed, airbrushed with anywhere from one to a whole bunch of layers of paint, and finally sealed. Those highlight coats are very demanding -- a moment of inattention can ruin an entire piece, or at least cause it to be stripped and repainted.  In the interests of the environment, especially my own environment, I only use water-based paints with (theoretically) low toxicity, with a mask and hood (over the paint booth, not my head).

During a studio tour

I leave about half the floor space open, to be able to hang, balance and photograph the sculpture. In this image, you see hanging space setup with the installation for Studio Tour 2002.

The office area

Finally, in this corner is the office. I do office stuff there. Stuff like conceptual work on pieces and installations, or working on this web site. But I recurse...