Fire Can

Fire Can

Glowing stripes expose

the brilliant flame within it

Fire Can burns with life.

-- Bashoo

Why would anyone buy a painted trashcan, or, for that matter, waste valuable studio time airbrushing one? As an artist or art-lover, art is not just color-coordinated decoration for over a sofa – it is how we bring our home, our world, our soul alive… And these "objects of daily use" are a major part of our lives, so they should be alive, too.

I call these "Fire Cans" because I use them in my studio to hold firewood, kindling or other supplies at the hearth. But you can use them for any purpose – even as a trash can!

Airbrushed, galvanized steel trash can.

20"h x 15"w (50cm x 38cm)

** SOLD **

Other images:

Same image at larger resolution

Same image, double resolution

Another can, painted greenish